Breathing for fear control

Breathing for fear control” is actually a principle with many
uses. Basically the goal is to breathe in a deep and rythmic way
causing the brain to go into what in psychology is called an
“Alpha” state, known in eastern terms as “Mushin” or “no-mind”. An
alpha state is a relaxed state of brain activity (7 – 14 cycles per
second). An alpha state has many benefits but the most important
one is that in this state feelings of fear are greatly reduced or
Advanced Martial Artists are able to fight in an “alpha”
or “Mushin” state. IN our style we refer to this as a
“Battle Trance” because it is an extremely relaxed but also very
focused state of mind.
This principle is a very fundamental one, and all advanced Martial
Artists use it, but it is a principle you will need personal
instruction to understand completely and utilize well.
To begin to understand the breathing pattern you should practise
breathing in through your nose for a slow count of 3 (breathe all
the way down to your abdomen), hold your breath for a slow count of
3, and then release your breath (breathing out through your mouth)
for a slow count of 3. repeat this pattern.