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Crabs in a bucket

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon and I had decided to spend my afternoon by the Santa Monica Pier. I started walking past the shops and restaurants on the pier when something near a small seafood restaurant got my attention. I noticed a big barrel, without a lid, that was full of crabs. Since it was placed right by the pier, I realized these crabs could easily jump out and fall back into the ocean. Feeling really good about my discovery and my righteousness about this whole event, I approached the restaurant owner and told him about what was going on. To my surprise, the owner of the restaurant laughed at me and told me to go back and watch the crabs more carefully. I thought to myself “Look at them carefully; what does that mean?”
I spent two hours by the pier looking at that barrel full of crabs. I noticed that every time one of the crabs tried to get to the edge of the barrel to escape, all the other ones would pull him back in.
It was amazing to watch these creatures do this over and over again. That entire afternoon, my mind was filled with all kinds of similarities to those crabs. I began to recognize this particular behavior in myself and other people around me. I realized that I have had many different kinds of crabs in my life: friend crabs, girlfriend crabs, student crabs, co-worker crabs, boss crabs, etc. I thought of all the times my so-called friends would call me and talk me out of doing something that I wanted to do (something I knew was important).
My questions to you are: Who are the crabs in your life? Who and what is holding you back from doing what you want? When you decide to work out, go on a diet, or do something worthwhile, who and what stops you?
What kind of conversations are going on in your mind? What is it that makes it important to listen now and forget later? Why do we say we are trying to do the everything right, but choose not to do the right thing? Who are the crabs that govern our lives?