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All warfare is based on deception” -Sun Tzu

Deception is a primary principle in all fighting arts. If the opponent knows what you are planning he has a much easier time countering it. Deception can be used to cloak your initial intent before the fight or to disguise where your strikes are aimed after the fight has begun.

By using Deception before the conflict has been engaged you can fool the aggressor into thinking that you are defenseless when if fact you are prepared to attack or counter attack. During the conflict Deception is used to disguise which targets on the opponent you are striking and ideally to convince the opponent to remove his defenses from your intended target and guard elsewhere.

The most common “deception” position we teach is from the “hands up” position. You appear to be giving up or passive when in fact your hands can be put right in front of the opponents face. If you were to put your hands up with the fists closed he would be prepared for you to attack but because your hands are open he assumes you are not a threat and is totally unprepared for your defense when you engage him.

During the conflict you can use deception to fool the opponent about where your attacks are aimed. Ex: you use a “high line” fake so the opponent thinks you are striking to the head and puts his defense high as you strike your real target “Low-line” target with a kick. Because of your employing the “Deception” principle it is undefended.

Deception can also be achieved by the use of other principles such as: “Draws” “Blind spots”,”Zero Perception Leads” “Attack Triangles”, “Eye Traps” and more…