Formless Form

The skilled Warrior forms others yet is without form” -Sun Tzu
The principle of formless form seems very simple but you will find
to fully apply it will get complicated.
Formless form is when you
are so skilled that you can move effortlessly between the Arts
depending on the circumstances. You are not regimented into being a
certain type or style of fighter. it is like a musician who can
play any type of music (on many different instruments). The other
aspect of this is to “form” the opponent. To cause him to react
(and act) in certain ways that you have chosen. You close down all
the paths except the one you want him to travel. All of the
previous principles are ways to control the opponent (or your
reaction to him) stacking the deck as far in your favor as possible.
Most people are very one dimensional. To be a great Martial Artist
You must be multi-dimensional and be able to change fluidly. You
must trancend your training rather than be limited by it.
When you fully understand this principle you will be ready to move
into the upper levels of training.
Remember if you want to be a good Martial Artist you must be
properly trained by an excellent Sensei. So find the best teacher
in your area and stick with him/her and be diligent and learn all
you can.