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Winning Black Belts understand that honesty is more than simply avoiding lies. It includes a belief in, and a pursuit of the truth. In order to have healthy Relationships with other people, honesty must be present. Winning Black Belts takes responsibility for their own actions.
Long-Term Planning System
(Week One) a) Keep your planning short and simple enough that a 6 year old child will understand. Always state it in positive, as if you already have it. Always state it out loud 5 to 20 times.b) think in pictures, using your mental VCR or DVD.c) write your goals down and put a date on it. understand that a goal without a date is only a wish.
d) set goals in other areas:
1. High Self- Esteem
2. Career / school
3. Monetary and Financial Goals
4. Respect at Home/Work/ School.
Remember, when setting and visualizing your long term-term plan. Always state your short-term or long-term goals in the positive, as if you have already what you are
Know Your Plan (Week Two)
a) Belief: –Belief always, always precedes reality. Belief is the framework in which keep adding incoming perception and experiences, on which we store information
that support that belief.
b) The mind doesn’t know the different between real and imaged. Your mind is the non-physical “you”, the part that holds your dreams, your hopes, your aspiration,
your self-esteem.
c) Changing the way you think. Changing the way you think open doors which will allow you to get greater control of your life. There are three tools that can help you change your world into reality-Desire Expectation ImaginationWhen you visualize, your thoughts creates your reality. In order for this to happen, you must learn to control the kind of thoughts that you let into your mind. Self-esteem, self-healing, stress management and other outside forces can be positively affected by your thoughts.
Visualize Your Activity (Week Three)
a) The critical key to everything we create or allow into our lives is our dreams, our vision of the future. When we visualize our goals and dream, we bring the future into the present. At the same time we are getting rid of old stuff that is in our subconscious that can prevent us from achieving our goals.
b) Steps to help you visualize your activities;
1. Write out your dream or goal as simple as possible
2. Be clear about your motivation: why do you want to achieve this goal?
3. Write out at least two affirmations that will support the attainment of your goal.
4. Draw a picture or create a collage that depicts your goal as if it
has already been achieved.
5. Determine what feeling you will experience upon the attainment of your goal.
6. Write out what you feel may be the possible roadblocks or hurdles
to attaining your goal.
7. Decide what qualities you have to develop or strengthen in order to attain your goal.
8. Settle on the action steps that you are going to take, beginning tomorrow, that will start you journeying on your path to success,
c) Visualization techniques
With any new skill or process that you learn, the more technique you have at your disposal, the easier it will be to adapt and make changes, depending on the challenge. The availability of various techniques helps avoid the boredom of using one technique over and over again, increases the likelihood of finding the goal/technique combination that is right for you and ignites different areas of the brain and to bring more of your
brain cells into play.
Re-Play the Activity Perfectly In Your Mind
(Week Four)In/Out or Dissociate:
picture yourself inside your body looking through your eyes at a completed goal, then dissociate outside your body and watch yourself as an observer in the goal picture.Tips for improving your visualization and imaging skills:
1) Do your mental programming is an enthused, excited state as if you have already achieved your goal. Projecting gusto into your programming system.
2) Use all of your brain when visualizing. The ideal brain states for effective visualization are the synergy of your mind – brain, the focused intent of your left brain.
3) Use symbolic images of you goal for powerful, effective, real-life imagery.
a) Finding your magical Self Mental Place
with your eyes open, see or sense, picture or imagine a place we’ll call magical garden. Picture this garden full of medicinal plants and healing herbs, as well as other kinds of shrubs and rich, lush, green vegetation and flowers. Off to one side of the magical garden, imagine an extra-thick patch of soft, silky grass, a power spot where the force field or gravitational pull of the earth is very strong.Nearby, sense a slow-moving, shallow stream. As you look upstream, in the near distance see a waterfall, average-size, with a ledge protruding halfway up. There is a mist of rainbow colors spraying just above it in the soft breeze.Also nearby, picture a large door frame-like structure, approximately seven feet in height and five feet across, with a very fine gold mesh screen stretched between the two side frames, as well as from the ground to the top of the framework. Across the top of the door frame, imagine an arched sign reading in bold print: Magnetic Belief Screen.Finally, in a nearby secluded area of your garden, mentalist or imagine a sanctuary, a place of calm and safety, with some type of a structure, maybe a gazebo, perhaps a healing temple or a chapel-depending on your personal preference.Use this example with any type of visualization:Good luck on your message of the week and month. Please use other sources that will help you expand your thinking.