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“Lag time” is a temporary state of mental confusion. An example of
this in everyday life is when you are having an important
conversation with someone and you get interrupted. You are talking
to Steve and Bill comes in and interrupts you and asks you a
question. You answer the question and then turn back to Steve
and can’t remember what you were saying even though it was
important to you and you had been
talking about it for a long time. Steve reminds you of what it was
and it all comes back to you. That time of mental confusion is
called “Lag Time”.
In Martial Arts we can create “lag time” in the opponent’s mind in
many ways. One of the easiest is through use of the 1st principle:
Deception. We do hands up like we are not going to defend. Then we
initiate our defensive sequence. The opponent sees and assumes we
are not a threat when he see the hands up position. When we make
our move he has to see that we are doing something, figure out what
we are doing, decide what he is going to do about it and then do
it. The total time this process takes is all lag time. The opponent
is defenseless until he comes out of it. You can’t defend against
an attack unless you know about it and can choose (even
reflexively) an appropriate defense. While you are in still lag
time you can’t.
Lag Time can also be created by the use of “Draws”, Traps” “Eye
Fakes”, “Pattern interupts”, “Uprooting” and many more. Once you
have the knowledge you can apply this concept using a large variety
of tactics.
We many times combine “Lag Time” with the next principle a “Stop