Law of 3

The “Law of 3″ is to attack in sequences of 3 or more
Multiple hits will overwhelm your opponents defensive zone because
he has 2 arms to defend with and once you have launched 3 or more
attacks you force him to start blocking from out of position. Just
as in team sports when the defensive team starts to have to move
and “slide” (ie switch from defending one man to defending a
different man) the defense is most likely to fail.
As you throw more strikes at the opponent you pull his defenses out
of position making defending more difficult.
This increased pressure on the
opponents defenses also has the advantage of keeping him on defense
and not allowing him to launch counter-attacks on YOUR defenses.
You can either defend or you can attack, you generally can’t do
both. (Unless you know how to do an “intercepting fist” or a
“Driving Cover”)
We use law of 3 to teach new people to go beyond single attacks to
“compound” attacks.
Novice Martial Artists tend to try one attack and if it fails to
stop and then try something else. They don’t understand that each
attack will add to the pressure on the opponents defensive zone
causing it to fail.
think deeply on this and add it to your arsenal.