Multiple Attacker Theory

The optimal Strategy for fighting multiple attackers requires you
to turn their advantages into disadvantages. When you are faced
with more than one opponent the main trouble is you have more
weapons coming at you than you have defenses. With 2 guys
there are 4 punches coming at you and only 2 arms to block
them with.
Secondly the opponents can come at you from 2 different angles.
This tactic is called “Hammer and Anvil”. One opponent comes
from one side and locks up with you (this is the anvil, the
2nd opponent comes in from the other side and strikes you
this is the Hammer)
To be successful in your defense you must negate both these
advantages. The best way to do this is to line up the opponents.
When you have them in a line the 2nd opponent is blocked by the
first (who you will use as a shield), if the 2nd opponent closes in
too much you can use the first as a projectile and drive him into
the 2nd man. At this point you can move to the far side and line
the 2nd man up on the 1st man as you engage him.
This tactic allows you to just fight one man at a time. It stops
the 2nd man from closinfg in on your blind side (and being the
anvil) and it causes the opponents to interfere with each
others movement.
There obviously is a lot more to this subject, and to really do it
correctly you need expert instruction, but this is basic foundation.