Rule of 3

“Rule of 3″ is a principle where you create a pattern and then, once
the opponent tries to anticipate your next move, you change it.
For example you lead off with a low kick which is blocked. You come
in again with a second low kick which is also blocked.
At this point the opponent has seen you try the same technique
two times and is prepared for you to try it again. Many times he
will try to prepare a trap for you if you come with the same
technique again.
On the 3rd attack you will change up your technique.
You come in again but this time you fake the the “low-line”
kick and cause the opponent to focus their defense (and
counter-attack) low in anticipation that
you are coming with the same attack you have already tried twice.
As they go low in response to your fake you will switch to a
“high-line” attack to the head or throat.
This principle can be applied in many different ways. The important
thing in using it is to create a pattern, get the opponent to see
it and try to exploit it and then change up the pattern.
This principle also uses “deception” and “Lag time”