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Sharpen your ax

This story is about a lumberjack, or at least a very powerful young man who wanted to be a lumberjack. This young man wandered through a logging camp on his eighteenth birthday. He had been raised around lumbering communities and admired the strong lumberjacks. He told the boss that he wanted a job. Seeing that the boy was large, strong, and healthy, the boss quickly agreed. The first day this lad chopped down ten trees entirely by himself. This was quite an accomplishment, and the boss was very pleased. He complimented the boy on his energy and strength.
The next day, the boy seemed to work just as hard and just as long, but only chopped down eight trees. This was still a respectable showing. The rest of the week passed, and each day the boy worked just as hard and just as long, but each day he produced less. On Friday the boss called the boy into his office after noticing that he had yet to fell one tree. The sun was going down. The boy had worked vigorously all day. He was ashamed because he had produced so little, and tears began to roll down his face as he went into the office.
“Sir,” he said, “I’m working harder and harder, but I’m afraid I’m a disappointment to you. I have yet to fell one tree today.” “Why do you do so little?”, the boss asked. “I am really trying, sir,” was the response.
Now what do you think is the problem with this young, strong man?
He simply forgot to sharpen his ax.
Where in your life, you feel that you are working as hard as you can and not producing the results you want?
How can you sharpen your ax in the following 4 categories?